Member Spotlight: Vasantha Padmanabhan + Renew your membership today! 

US DOHaD Society members play a critical role in fostering community and collaboration across a diverse range of scientists, clinicians, and trainees! Today, we wanted to highlight:

Vasantha Padmanabhan, MS PhD, a long-time US DOHaD Member and Professor Emerita from the University of Michigan. She was inspired to join the US DOHaD Society for its focus on developmental programming. Our mission aligns with her work studying the developmental origins of PCOS by prenatal testosterone exposure and the influence of environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals. This work has been meaningful to Dr. Padmanabhan for its clinical and public health relevance. Beyond her research, she’s a fan of science fiction literature, classical music, and her favorite place she’s traveled is Edinburgh. 

Dr. Padmanabhan’s favorite thing about being a US DOHaD Member is being able to network with people who share similar research interests as well as learning cutting edge research going on in the world of DOHaD. To anyone considering joining the US DOHaD Society, she recommends taking advantage of the opportunity to reach out, network, and expand your research horizons by learning about the research done across the Society. 

Support from and involvement by researchers like Dr. Padmanabhan are important to keeping our society thriving. If you are also a member of the US DOHaD Society, consider this a friendly reminder to renew your membership dues or, if you’re not yet a member, to join our community! By renewing or becoming a member, you help support the initiatives of the US DOHaD Society to connect scientists, clinicians, and trainees with shared interests across the nation! 

To learn more about becoming a member or renew your membership dues, visit the Membership Page and fill out the form. We’re excited to feature you in future Member Spotlights!

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