Call for 2023-2024 Council Nominations!

We are now accepting nominations for the US DOHaD 2024-2026 council. The position
descriptions are listed below. You can nominate yourself or others. All nominations must be
received by December 1, 2023 . The election will take place on December 12, 2023.


  • presides at all meetings & oversees general management of society affairs
  • ensures all orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect
  • leads efforts to obtain grant funds

Vice President

  • functions as president during the absence or disability of the president
  • leads conference planning efforts
  • other duties as needed


  • care and custody of all the funds and securities and tracks balances
  • co-sign and execute all contracts, checks, drafts, notes, payments
  • files taxes (with help from an accountant) and maintains nonprofit reporting requirements
  • manages conference and membership registrations


  • schedules monthly meetings and keeps meeting minutes
  • keeps the written documentation of the society
  • maintains membership database
  • sends monthly membership updates to the International Society

General Council Members:

Trainee representative(s): manages society email account, website, and social media; creates newsletter content with help from Council and manages distribution; plans the Trainee Day with help from Council; other duties as needed
ECHO representative: serves as a liaison to ECHO; organizes ECHO sessions at the
conference; other duties as needed
Faculty representative: serves as liaison to the International Society; plays a key role in
organizing the conference (works closely with vice president); other duties as needed

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