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Opportunity to enroll in 2024 US DOHaD Society Membership Coming up!

Please consider renewing your membership or signing up as a new member of the US DOHaD Society for 2024! Membership renewals are based on the calendar year, with 2024 membership registration beginning January 1, 2024. Registering as a member provides critical support to sustain the Society. Membership also results in cost savings for annual meeting registration, eligibility to vote and participate in the business meetings, and eligibility to run for positions on the US DOHaD Society leadership council. Plus, registration with the US DOHaD Society also grants complimentary Associate Membership with the International DOHaD Society. Please see the letter from the International Society below for additional information on membership renewals and the relationship between the US and International Societies.

Email from International DOHaD

Dear US DOHaD Society Members,

DOHaD Regional Societies play a crucial role in promoting international research collaboration and fostering research interests in DOHaD on a global scale. As you may know, all US DOHaD Society members who register or renew their membership through the US DOHaD Society’s website are now granted a complimentary year of Associate Membership with the International DOHaD Society.

If you are not already an International Society Member or hold an account with the International Society, you will soon receive an email prompting you to log into your new account and set your password. All current and/or expired International Members will have the Associate Membership added to their account, but still retain the benefits of their original membership type for as long as it is active. You will still receive a notification when that membership is up for renewal.

Associate Members receive admittance to the Members Area of the DOHaD Society’s website, access to recordings of our webinar programme, newsletters and other online opportunities, as well as discounted
registration for online short courses and workshops. They do not receive access to the Society’s journal, JDOHaD, or reduced registration rates for the Society’s upcoming World Congress in Buenos Aires. You can learn more about Associate Membership with the International DOHaD Society, as well as other membership types, here.

All Standard, Trainee/ECR and Undergraduate Members with the International Society are able to register with US DOHaD at no additional cost, during the checkout process on the International Society’s website. However, Associate Members with the International Society need to additionally register with the US DOHaD Society on their website in order to continue their regional affiliation.

Thank you for being a valued member of DOHaD!

Best wishes,
Nuruddin Mohammed, PhD
DOHaD Society Secretary

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